DIY Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

If you’re looking for an easy, delicious and stunning treat to make, search no further! Read along to find out how to make and decorate chocolate-covered strawberries in creative ways and make a beautiful bouquet with them.

And when we say easy, we really mean easy! You don’t need any special equipment and it will be super quick to make.

This just might be the perfect treat for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion!

DIY Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet


For this recipe, you’ll need strawberries, chocolate, sprinkles and some sticks. The quantity will depend on how much you want to make. You can also use your creativity when it comes to the decorations and use some luster dust to make it shine!


With your strawberries in hand, the first step is to melt your chocolate. We will be using compound chocolate. Feel free to use your preferred chocolate for this recipe. 

First, melt some chocolate. Feel free to use your preferred chocolate for this recipe! Just make sure to temper it if you are not using compound chocolate. We will be using some milk chocolate compound that we melted in the microwave.

DIY Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

Place the melted chocolate in a glass cup or smaller bowl. This way, it is easier for you to dip the strawberries to cover them with chocolate.

I’m going to decorate this one with some heart sprinkles! You can use your creativity when it comes to these decorations. There are a lot of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

Once you have decorated the strawberry, place a stick in it and put it in a piece of styrofoam so it can dry.

For the next one, we’ll use some white compound chocolate. This way, we can decorate our chocolate-covered strawberries in different beautiful ways and have different flavors!   

Besides sprinkles, you can decorate them using a piping bag to make some lines or swirly designs. For this chocolate-covered strawberry, we will make white lines on it. 

You can add food coloring to your white chocolate to make some colorful designs. For these white chocolate covered strawberries, we’ll make some pink lines and for this other one, we’ll cover it with pink polka-dots.

Last but not least, for our final chocolate covered strawberry, we will brush on some rose gold luster dust! Look how amazing and shiny it is!

DIY Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

Now, we are ready to make our bouquet. Check out how beautiful and varied they all look! 

Place them together, wrap them with some shiny paper and tie them with a ribbon. 

Surprising your loved one with one of these will certainly make their day a memorable one.

If you have any questions about this treat or ever try to make it, let us know below in the comments!

DIY Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet

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