DIY Heart-Sharped Hot Chocolate Bombs

How to Make & Decorate Heart Bombs

The Valentine’s Day hot chocolate bombs are the latest version of the latest hot chocolate bomb trend! These heart bombs make the perfect gift to warm your loved ones’ hearts or even to sell them in gift boxes.

To begin making your chocolate bombs, melt some white and dark chocolate. You can use chocolate coating and melt it straight in the microwave or use tempered chocolate.

For these chocolate bombs, we will be using the three-part mold by Porto Formas. Pour the chocolate up to the mark on this first part of the mold. Lightly tap the form against the sink or table to eliminate any air bubbles.

Next, place the flexible parts over the chocolate. Finally, bring over the third part of the mold, gently pressing it over the flexible parts.

Once you have pressed it, turn it around and place it under refrigeration until you can see that the chocolate is opaque. It will take approximately 12 minutes.

When it is ready, carefully remove it from the mold.

Now that your chocolate hearts are ready and out of the molds, it is time to fill them up. For the filling, you can use cocoa powder and nesquik with some marshmallows, nutella, cappuccino or anything you prefer!

To join the halves together, you can heat up a pan with a baking sheet and heat it up a little bit so the edges will melt. Or, you can add some melted chocolate to the edges. This way, you can easily “glue” them together.

Finally, it’s time to decorate our hearts! You can use your imagination when it comes to decorating the hot chocolate bomb.

To decorate, you can use a piping bag to make some lines and designs, add luster dust with a clean brush to give your hearts some sparkle, add sprinkles on top… Use your creativity! 

Now to the best part! Get some warm milk and pour it in the mug so that the magic happens. 

There you have your wonderful hot cocoa drink! These heart hot chocolate bombs are the perfect way to end a cozy dinner for two or even as a fun gift for friends, family and kids.


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